For many seekers and Christians alike, church has become stale, in some ways overly rigid, restrictive, and lukewarm. Many want more! Yet, they cannot find what they are looking for in a church. You are the type of people The Church of the Un-Churched is looking to gather together so we are no longer called, “unchurched”.

We are attempting to break the traditional and contemporary barriers that put a glass ceiling between our relationship with God, our prayers, praise, worship of God, and heaven. To create a place, where we can once again, pursue the personal one-on-one relationship with God our Salvation is meant to be while benefiting from a different corporate church body experience.

There are very nice qualities found in both traditional and contemporary churches. The Church of the Un-Churched seeks a thoughtful, thought through, and sensitive blend of the good qualities of both traditional and contemporary churches. An example is how we will incorporate both contemporary worship music with hymns. Seeking to create a place for the Holy Spirit to minister to the body as 1 Corinthians 12 – 14 exhorts. The result being,  to benefit the whole body of Christ as well as those first-time visitors looking for a home.

We have chosen a community church building model. We do not use a culture driven model, nor do we use a “Pop Culture” church building model. We believe that good, scriptural and healthy culture grows out of a great loving community. If we build a strong God-Centered community a God-Centered culture will properly grow in the nourishment of such a community.

We also believe that worship can be fun, exciting and very engaging without being excessively loud. We want you to connect or reconnect with the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. To experience worship that lifts your spirit to a new level!