Introduction ~ About Us, Who We Are [REVISED] ~ Length: 19:31

UPDATED: 05/29/2018: Introduction ~ About Us, Who We Are We have updated our Introduction from 2017. Every visitor, listener and follower who has not heard it, shouild give it a listen if you are curious as to who we are and what we are about. Learn about our Mission, Vision, Ministry, Who are reaching out to and more! Learn more about who we affiliate with and who we do not. Thank you to all listeners and followers! We appreciate your continued enjoyment and enrichment you hopefully receive from this Pod-Cast. We look forward to serving our growing community. We are in 23 countries and more than 200 cities according to our statistical data minimally provided by our Pod-Cast host. Again, thank you all for listening! We look forward to your continued return each week. We are a weekly Pod-Cast. This is to afford our listeners and followers who wish to follow along and enrich their own private study of God's Word. We hope you find our study Pod-Cast most instructive. Get your sharp pencil, paper and Bible out! Then click Play! Our new church home: The House of Supernatural Encounters ~ The Web site is currently off-line. Sorry for any inconvenience. To comply with copyright thanks, to the good folks at Purple Planet and Bensound!"The Chase" From: Purple Planetwww.purple-planet.comComposers: Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey "Tenderness" From: The full tracks can be heard at the above Web sites. Image Credit: Alex Iby, Boston, Mass.,, Picture: Fenway Park, Boston, Mass., United States

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