“The Book of Revelation: 144,000, Three Angels, Three Messages, and A Parable” ~ Length: 39:24

Revelation 14:4 explains what is happening in the first three verses. It reads, with reference to the 144,000, “[4] These are the ones who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever he goes. These were redeemed from humanity as first-fruits to God and to the Lamb,”. So there it is, the 144,000 in total!, are redeemed from humanity here in the “Mid-Trib” or maybe a bit earlier than the “Mid-Trib” point. With verse one, we see that they had to have been translated, Raptured, redeemed from humanity, and are all present in heaven.” At this point we should fully understand, there are no more witnesses on the earth. God has shown mercy in judgment as scripture says He does. The two witnesses and the 144,000 are all in heaven. At this point, if there is an ear that would hear, there is no one to speak to that “one”. However, we will see that God has one last method to deliver the message of salvation through the pronouncement of the eternal Gospel. One last offer to be rescued from the latter half of the Tribulation.” Look at Revelation 14:12 which says, “[12] This requires the steadfast endurance of, the, SAINTS! – those who obey God’s commandments and hold to their faith in Jesus.”. What is up with that?! What saints? Was there not a Rapture?! If there really was a Rapture, why are we reading about the saints in The Tribulation? Have not all those who received Christ in the Tribulation, gone to heaven now with The Two Witnesses and 144,000 when the Two Witnesses and the 144,000 were caught-up, translated, or ascended to heaven?” With the expedience and command of dispatch that Angels, messengers of God, execute their charge, so we too, are like the Angel with the eternal Gospel here in Revelation 14:6-7. As that Angel dispatched his charge without delay, we too, without excuse should dispatch our charge with regard to spreading the good news of the eternal Gospel in our here and now. It should first be noted that there are two subjects to this account in Revelation 14:13-20. One is a harvest, the other is about the enemy and his fruits of his labor being crushed! This reaping could also be a plausible case for a “Mid-Trib” Rapture account. However, it is those who in this nightmare had an ear, who heard, and have received Christ as Lord and Savior of their life. We hope you find this study most instructive. Get your sharp pencil, paper and Bible out! Then click Play! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Greeting / Preamble 06:18 Study Start 33:31 Final Notes 35:08 Thanks 38:13 Benediction Please visit our new Outreach Web site! ~ https://unchurched.site123.me Our church home: The House of Supernatural Encounters ~ https://supernaturalhouse.org To comply with copyright thanks, to the good folks at Purple Planet. “The Chase” From: Purple Planet www.purple-planet.com Composers: Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey “Benediction” A “Barking Squirrel Production” Copyright: 2018 ~ All Rights Reserved The full track of “The Chase” can be heard at the above Web site for Purple Planet. Image Credit: Alex Iby, Boston, Mass., www.alexiby.com, Picture: Fenway Park, Boston, Mass., United States

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