The Book of Revelation: The Four Horsemen ~ Part-1 -- Length 30:45

This week we will examine the White and Red horses of The Four Horsemen representing God’s total sovereignty over the powers of hell and the Anti-Christ as represented by these two horsemen. Revelation 6 is where we see the seven sealed scroll being opened. The first four seals unleash The Four Horseman. We will look specifically at this unfolding event with regard to the unleashing of The Four Horsemen. The remaining 3 seals and the associated events will be for another study. “Within the context of The Book of Revelation, white represents righteousness. 'The white horse… emerges as an emblem of righteousness, though there is no guarantee that the righteousness is more than apparent.'” “The similarities between this rider and Christ are striking: Even so, this is not the white horse which carries He who is Faithful and True in Revelation 19:11. For it is the Lamb who has just loosed the first seal sending this horseman out.” “fiery red As a color fiery red, red (as fire). The same color as the dragon in Revelation 12:3.” “Although the rider on the white horse appears to conquer by means of negotiation and avoids bloodshed, this does not last. Eventually he shows his true colors as the second rider joins the ride—bringing war and death. This may correspond to the point in Daniel’s vision where another 'horn which came up, before which three fell, namely, that horn which had eyes and a mouth which spoke pompous words, whose appearance was greater than his fellows'” Is it not also, very interesting, these two horsemen alone symbolize the entire Tribulation period?! One, seemingly of peace and one definitely of war. Yet, they are only a part of the entire Tribulation period as we already know. The Antichrist will be turned loose to conquer the world. This is symbolized by the crown the rider of the White horse wears in Revelation 6:2. Remember, it reads, [2] So I looked, and here came a white horse! The one who rode it had a bow, and he was given a crown, and as a conqueror he rode out to conquer. Remember, Christ wears multiple crowns, not just one. Multiple crowns suggests Jesus is a ruler above all rulers and is more than a conqueror! That should have triggered some scriptures in your mind. We hope you find this study most instructive. Get your sharp pencil, paper and Bible out! Then click Play! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Greeting / Preamble 04:04 Study Start 25:42 Final Notes / Thanks 29:32 Benediction Our new church home: The House of Supernatural Encounters in Stow, Massachusetts ~ Web site currently off-line To comply with copyright thanks, to the good folks at Purple Planet and Bensound! "The Chase" From: Purple Planet Composers: Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey "Tenderness" From: Bensound The full tracks can be heard at the above Web sites. Image Credit: Alex Iby, Boston, Mass.,, Picture: Fenway Park, Boston, Mass., United States

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