The Book of Revelation: The Four Horsemen - Part-2 ~ Length:29:39

Revelation 6 is where we see the seven sealed scroll being opened. This is the first of many judgments unleashed in the Tribulation period. This event is fully under the control of the Lamb, our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have already examined the first two horses. The White and Fiery Red. We need to note the White horse, the Fiery Red horse and their riders seem to be described in rather general terms when compared to the Black horse, the Pale-Green horse and their riders. In fact, we are told the name of the rider on the Pale-Green horse! The other three riders are not addressed by name. Describing a rider by also telling us his name is a first in this passage! This contrasts the rather direct and short description of the Black horse and its rider. Wesley’s Explanatory Notes Commentary: reads, with regard to The Scales or Balance, “Accordingly, these scales signify scarcity. They serve also for a token, that all the fruits of the earth, and consequently the whole heavens, with their courses and influences; that all the seasons of the year, with whatsoever they produce, in nature or states, are subject to Christ. If all this is not bad enough, we now see the Pale-Green, the Ashen horse, rider and follower come on the world scene. Keep in mind, while these Four Horsemen have the ability to describe, in its symbolism, the entire Tribulation period, it is only the beginning! It gets really ugly, very quickly! So I question just how peaceful the first half of the Tribulation period really is. Certainly peaceful, with regard to no war but!, certainly not a perfect peace. I would call it a troubled peace that decays with time descending into the “Abomination of Desolation” and then the 3½ years of war to end the Tribulation period. However, at the very least, this should demonstrate soundly!, the great and powerful sovereignty and control of all things our great and loving God has at His command. Again, echoes of how God can make A – L – L things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Remember from earlier in this series we said that the Breastplate of Righteousness was representative of right living, integrity, among other things? We now add to that, decisions. We hope you find this study most instructive. Get your sharp pencil, paper and Bible out! Then click Play! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Greeting / Preamble 02:12 Study Start 24:07 Final Notes / Thanks 27:27 Benediction Our new Web site with more good things! Find it here: Our new church home: The House of Supernatural Encounters ~ Web site currently off-line To comply with copyright thanks, to the good folks at Purple Planet and Bensound! "The Chase" From: Purple Planet Composers: Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey "Tenderness" From: Bensound The full tracks can be heard at the above Web sites. Image Credit: Alex Iby, Boston, Mass.,, Picture: Fenway Park, Boston, Mass., United States

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