“The Book of Revelation The Little Scroll – The Seventh Trumpet – Part-2” ~ Length: 35:01

Last week we saw very little mentioned of The Little Scroll. Only that it would taste sweet in the mouth and would be bitter in the stomach. Then, The Book of Revelation moves on. If there is so little mention of this scroll; if its significance only creates a quandary lost in human quagmires of reasoning; then why mention it at all? I have long contended that this little scroll is all the pertaining prophecy spoken before this day where John is, of The Tribulation period or The Great and Terrible Day of Lord, when John takes the little scroll and eats it. The sweet taste in the mouth and following sour stomach are symbolic of the two-fold elements of prophecy. Often, those who “eat” prophetic Scripture ‘sit on the edge of their seat’ and focus on its quick fulfillment. Like a perpetual “sugar high,” it provides an initial surge of energy and motivation, but will never sustain like a balanced meal of God’s Word. The continual chasing after the latest prophetic conference, while superficially entreating prophetic passages and never grasping important aspects of God’s character—His heart for the lost and His ultimate interest in restoration over judgment—is sure to lead to disillusionment and will shipwreck the faith of some. What comes next is the blowing of the seventh trumpet. It unleashes 7 judgments of its own while being still of the seventh seal on the seven sealed scroll. I wanted to use the The Little Scroll here to demonstrate why, as Children of Christ, what we read here in Revelation should negatively impact us like that of a sour stomach. That should be the impetus for us to feel the urgency of spreading the Gospel. Venus is also known as, “The KING Planet”. It is a very bright star in the night sky! The constellation Virgo is a woman in the sky. Virgo means “Virgin” as in “Virgin Mary”. For nine months The King Planet, Venus, was in retrograde orbit which, from earth, makes any planet or star appear stationary. For nine months!, The King Planet appeared to be motionless in the constellation Virgo in the area that is considered a woman’s womb! The light of the world, the King for nine months is in the womb of a virgin. Does this remind you of passages in the Gospels?! Next week we will continue looking at Revelation chapter 12. We will see more action with the woman that was a part of the great sign in the first six verses of this chapter. We will see that the woman is not Israel and the eagle wings are not America as many teach. When someone flees a situation, we say that they took flight. We hope you find this study most instructive. Get your sharp pencil, paper and Bible out! Then click Play! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Greeting / Preamble 08:29 Study Start 30:00 Final Notes 30:51 Thanks 33:55 Benediction Please visit our new Outreach Web site! ~ https://unchurched.site123.me Our new church home: The House of Supernatural Encounters ~ https://supernaturalhouse.org To comply with copyright thanks, to the good folks at Purple Planet. “The Chase” From: Purple Planet www.purple-planet.com Composers: Chris Martyn / Geoff Harvey “Benediction” A “Barking Squirrel Production” Copyright: 2018 ~ All Rights Reserved The full tracks can be heard at the above Web sites. Image Credit: Alex Iby, Boston, Mass., www.alexiby.com, Picture: Fenway Park, Boston, Mass., United States

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